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Original Works
Original pieces are digitally composed then printed onto a fine art paper and physically cut out to create a 3D sculptural photographic work.

All original Woodlands, Equinox and 12 Seasons works marked as 'SOLD' on the individual work next to the title are unavailable. If this is not present, the original work is available for sale. Almost all of these works are available in limited edition prints.

Original Works Pricing
Pricing for the original hand cut works vary piece to piece, but a rough range is as follows:
14-18" - $1400 - unframed - $1750 framed
22-24" - $2700 - unframed - $3600 framed
30-36" - $4000 - unframed - $5000 framed
40-44" - $4600 - unframed - $6600 framed
46-48" - $5200 - unframed - $7800 framed
48-60" - $6500 - unframed - $9850 framed
framing quotes are estimate and subject to change

The framing cost is added at no markup, and features high end finishing by Superframe. They offer the best quality framing for my sculptural / relief detail work and excel at creating stable and elegant framing to complement to my delicate pieces. The hand cut work is mounted on plexiglas and floated 1.5" from a backboard to create visual depth.

Basic level framing on custom work smaller than 22" is available as it can often be supported in the framing by metal or other more affordable framing solutions.

Custom Commissions
I offer custom commissions to suit the scale you may be looking for at the same price range quoted above. I love working with custom work to suit my clients, and some of the most exciting and satisfying projects have happened when clients select a palette from the work on my website and I work with similar content to create an original to size.

Fine art reproductions are available at a range of sizes. These are high quality photographic prints of the original pieces. Their price range is as follows:
16" - $450
22" - $650
30" - $1100
36" - $1550
50" - $2000
( + mounting and framing)
Framing of regular fine art prints is considerably less than the cost on the hand cut pieces. Ask for further details or a quote for fine art print framing.